The unknow woman,in a street of Paris.


In a losted bar in Paris, a proud woman.


Waiting for me? Maybe. I hope, I’m not a warrior.


Hair and hands, like a valse. I’m dreaming.


A street woman, really the first Nasty Girls of my life.


The life is in the street, and for her, the street is a river.

Why Mathilde ?

Mathilde is a fresh, natural and lightweight model. It is a poem that adapts without limits to its environment. For the photographer who knows how to enjoy her model, she is an accomplice and it is a treat !


In a bar front of railwod station of Saint Lazard. In this place start a love crazy story. I did not here for this purpose, but my destiny was here.

She told me that bus whas free

I’m living in Paris and I think it was true! After, beyond Saint Lazare Station, I shoot this. She is the artiste, I was here, no more.

A night, in a little street

Alone in the world, she made me a toy to seduce.
The atmosphere of a public lighting, the cobblestones of another time, the moment was propitious to dream.

Looking out the window

She had only one wall in front of her, and I had no need to go to the Opera. The light of day slipped along his leg to the extremity of his foot.



Post prod

Top to print


When the model is a liberated woman and when she offers her inspiration to the photographer.


OH! Unbelievable !

NO! Unbelievable !

IMPOSSIBLE ! Unbelievable !

Beautiful Feet on the table


She was just arriving from the province, tired, with two broken fingers. At night, without lighting, drunk both, we shared a moment of complicity.

Feet is en art

Most of the time, when I ask the model to take off shoes, she don’t know what to do with her feet. Mathilde is very comfortable.

A look towards  the sky

Lying on the bench of a dining-room, her eyes watched the light from the outside.